Christel King Photography

About Me

“Sometimes we need someone outside of our everyday lives to give us a fresh perspective. Sit in front of my lens with exquisite light and let me help you remember just how beautiful are and show you how other people see you.”

- Christel


Christel’s dedication to work makes her a role model in many mays. The true grit of life has taught her to capture its essence through the camera lens. She has a vast knowledge of photography and brings a fresh perspective to its approach. Her growth from a hard working young college student and waitress, to a dedicated professional and mother, all the while still remaining a loving sister, daughter, aunt and loyal friend to so many. Through these important relationships, Christel has developed a deep understanding of human consciousness. She expresses this understanding through her photography. And just like the unique creatures we are, her artistic renderings each have an individual story to tell. In her photography, one notices the empathy she feels for her clients. She captures exactly the thoughts and emotions that are in one’s heart and mind. As a client, one feels safe in front of the camera while working with Christel. Her integrity for the profession allows her clients to trust her and bare their souls in front of her camera. Additionally, Christel’s breadth and depth of photography knowledge ensure that clients receive the best quality in design and production. Christel hones her craft carefully while always looking out for the needs and desires of those whose image she captures. This is particularly noticeable in the images of the various women she photographs. Whether its purpose is to promote a profession, provide a profile picture, capture a moment in time, or fulfill a personal dream, each photograph tells a unique story. For these reasons, and many more, Christel has gained the trust and eagerness to be photographed by so many clients from across the country and around the world.