A few little random facts about me...

1. I start and end each day with a prayer of thankfulness.

2. I was born in the Philippines. I don't speak tagalog, but I understand enough to know when it's time to eat.

3. I am the 3rd daughter out for 4 girls.

4. My younger sister passed away a week before my 23rd birthday. I named my daughter after her. They have the same beautiful smile, so I still feel she's with me everyday.

5. As immigrants, we never lived off or accepted any government assistance. My mother worked 3 jobs and went to nursing school while my dad worked as a welder and pastored a small church. We wore 2nd hand clothes, lived in 2 bedroom house in the one way streets of Norwalk, and drove a used car.

6. Years later, dad's employer's daughter was one of my favorite high school teachers.

7. I'm left handed. In elementary school, my teacher gave me an unsatisfactory in cutting. My mom marched down to the school chewed the teacher out for not having left handed scissors.

8. I did the same for my son when his teacher when she told me he had poor penmanship. I told her to quit forcing my son to be right-handed.

9. My kids are grown, but I still sneak in their rooms from time to time and watch them sleep or listen to them breathe. It creepy...but it's ok because I'm their mom and you will get this if you are a parent.

10. When I pay the utility bills or buy gas, I have round up in increments of $5.

11. My parent cut off my allowance 1 month before my 21st birthday. It was the best thing they ever did for me.

12. I lived in a foreign country (England). I plan on living in more, once Steve and I become empty nesters.

13. The first time I caught a glimpse of San Marco Piazza in Venice, Italy, I felt it in my soul. I felt like I was home.

14. I have serious Adult A.D.D. that I have to talk myself thru it to stay focused and complete the task at hand.

15. I can't go in public, even if it's to get the mail, without filling in my eyebrows.

16. I LOVE coffee or a good strong cup of tea. My day is lost if I don't have either or both. It is almost unsalvageable.

17. I met my husband Steve while working in a bar. Every single day in our marriage, Steve and I have told each other "I love you" at the start of each and before we go to sleep.

18. I'm a shoe addict and have passed these tendencies on to my husband and kids.

19. I don't like straight lines. There has to a be a curve or something that shows movement.  

20. When I look at you, I am trying to figure out the best light to capture your beauty and showcase your personality.

21. Money doesn't impress me but how you interact with people and problem solve with people wins me over every time.

22. I am continuously studying, trying to learn new skills but I hate being in a classroom. I love that internet has afforded me the opportunities to do so without being in one.

23. My ideal jobs: Photographer and dog walker

24. I run several lists simultaneously each day on my calendar: work, priority, goals, bills, home tasks, family, that you will hear constant pings from my phone all day.

25. I'm finding out that life is a series of sweet circles. Good people will remain in your life and you'll circle back to them, especially if you didn't realize or recognize it the first time.

Now about my photography...

Years ago, my sister passed away at the tender age of 20. I had the daunting task of putting together the slide show for her memorial service. I combed through hundreds of posed pictures trying to find images that captured her spirit and essence, but only found a small handful. Those images were those simple, true moments of laughter at one of the few house parties in our little two bedroom house. The exuberance of having our toes painted by our mom on her rare day off. The horror of a hair perm gone bad.  Wandering through a street in Europe. Sharing a content, quiet smile while being enveloped in a big hug by her fiancé... 

I will work hard - standing in the dirt, roll around in the sand -  to deliver for discerning clients wanting beautiful, artful, emotional, and true glimpses of their life.  

Whether it's a wedding, child, newborn, or family shoot, my approach and style is the same: capture the simple beauty, emotion, and innate connection and synergy as those moments unfold naturally. My sessions are on location, full of activity and movement. The end result? Kids are genuinely smiling, husbands are more engaged and cooperative, and mothers are more relaxed that everyone is behaving and having fun because they're not staged or posed in positions that are foreign or unnatural. I won't ask you to dip your fiancee if that's not what you normally do, but I will have you cook together in the kitchen if that's your favorite thing to do together.  I won't place your baby in a basket, but I will capture those special moments as you bond with her. It's these naturally honest moments that you'll hold in your heart and they're the stories you'll relive and relay to your children, time and time again.  These moments define, reinforce and remind us and we are humbler, richer, and fuller with each experience.

I truly believe that it is these moments that allow us the opportunity to see the beauty and depth of God’s grace, His abundant blessings, and the true spirit of humanity. Everyone is given a gift, a talent, and a purpose in life. It is my gift, talent, and purpose in life to helping and serving others. A portion of all proceeds allows me support, raise awareness, and contribute to organizations that I am deeply passionate about, as well as serve others in need.

My Gear

I am often asked what gear I use.  I shoot with a canon 5d Mark III, with a series of lenses:  







Editing Process

Like my style and approach, I keep the editing minimal,  using Lightroom because I don't want the process to interfere with the clarity or emotion.  Your moments and memories should be encapsulated so it remains timeless and not trendy.